Jesse King

Jesse King

  • Education U.C. Berkeley, BA History & Economics; Harvard Law School JD
  • Prior Experience Fenwick & West; Munger, Tolles & Olsen; Law Clerk to Steven V. Wilson, Central District of California; Google, Inc. (Business Process & Compliance)

What interests you in technology?

I was born and raised in Palo Alto and have spent my whole life surrounded by the technology industry and engineers. My dad was a computer scientist at HP, Sun Microsystems, and other local tech companies. My childhood friend had one of the first TiVos, and a number of my friends have become entrepreneurs. I’ve always seen technology as a way to solve problems and create new possibilities that we haven’t even imagined.

Why didn’t you become an engineer?

I’m also from a family of lawyers. My mother was a trade secrets lawyer, my brother is an attorney, and my grandfather was in-house counsel for Safeway. I was given the nickname "counselor" on a childhood baseball team because of my willingness to express my opinions.

Did you ever think about anything other than the law?

Not for long. After graduating from U.C. Berkeley, I worked for Google in the Bay Area and London on business process and compliance, where I worked closely with Google’s legal team. I found it fascinating and the experience led me to go to law school. After receiving my JD, I first worked in litigation at Munger, Tolles & Olson but later shifted to corporate practice at Fenwick & West. It was exhilarating to work with entrepreneurs and see their passion for the companies they had founded.

Why did you come to Kleiner Perkins?

The firm has such a history in venture capital and continues to be an iconic brand. I was excited by the new leadership team and the opportunity to be a part of the next chapter of Kleiner’s history. I’m also someone who likes to figure out new and better ways of doing things and I am looking forward to re-imagining how we can work with founders to help them grow their companies.

When you’re not at work, what’s your favorite pastime?

I have to admit that I am a little bit of a foodie. Whether cooking at home or eating out at a great restaurant, I love being surprised and excited by what I eat.