Having a Crush on Ventures

This poem by Bing Gordon was presented at VentureCrush 2013.

Ed, someone called you, not a lawyer, but a marketing machine… Congrats on this event, and keeping the language f#%#ing clean. You have helped build the New York tech scene, the network you brung, Now it’s a cool place to build companies, and the best place to be young.

Obviously, you excel as a Manhattan talent handler, The closest thing to Adam at Lowenstein Sandler. You got celeb VC’s onstage to bare teeth and soul, You’re more Chelsea Handler than Jimmy Fallon in the interviewer role.

For you, Leone competes and hustles like hell, Hard to believe he never spoke English that well. Fred is the preeminent thought leader among all VC’s, And if he uses your product, you want him invested, yes please.

Thanks for the invite today, hope it’s not a bother or a hassle But with Mike, I’d rather not arm wrestle, but get down and leg wrestle.

Bing Gordon, KPCB Partner VentureCrush 2013