Reinventing Email

Long live email; email is dead. Simply put, we have a complex relationship with email.

Email may be an indispensable communication tool in the workplace but there are few who don't complain about it, frustrated by the massive volume of email traffic and the challenge of managing their inbox. Not only do people feel overwhelmed and in a constant state of cognitive overload, they recognize email has its limitations as a communication tool. It's also infuriatingly addictive, demanding our engagement well beyond the hours of the workday.

There is no question email could be way better. Enter Consider -- email for startups. A product that amplifies the best elements of email. Consider is designed around three key principles:

  1. Email is social: Consider introduces Groups, which is like Slack channels but for email. Search, link, browse, and respond to all public email in your company.
  2. Email runs on your schedule: Digests batch email three times a day. Critical contacts are prioritized and a push feature provides updates on things that can't wait.
  3. Your inbox is your to-do list: Consider provides features to enable your inbox to be a more effective project management tool. You can keep your to-dos in your inbox - without emailing yourself.

Today Consider is rolling out its latest feature, Groups. A new way for people to feel connected to the teams and topics that matter most to them at work.

Consider was started by Ben McRedmond and Stephen O'Brien, who were among the first team members at Intercom (where I led the Series A in 2013). They were critical to Intercom's growth from $1m to $50m in ARR during their tenure managing the growth team. They have been obsessively designing and building software since their early teens, sharing a passion for thoughtfully designed products.

We're delighted and excited to work with the team at Consider in an effort to solve all of our email problems!

- Mamoon