Grit explores what it takes to create, build and scale world-class organizations. It features leaders who are pushing their companies to make history.

About Grit
About Grit
About Grit

About the podcast

Creating, building, and scaling with Grit

What does it take to create, build and scale a world-class organization? A lot of things. Grit is one of them. This podcast is a candid exploration of this question with leaders that know, because they’re living it. Every week, we talk about what it takes from a personal and professional perspective to build history-making companies.

Our guests

Jim Steele from Salesforce
Grit, to me, is being passionate, tenacious, and confident, not cocky and arrogant. It’s out-hustling your competition; it’s not taking your customer for granted; it’s, somehow, maintaining that underdog feeling. When everything’s expected—are you going to win? You’re going to win. I don’t want people to be overconfident. I want them to be paranoid. So, grittiness to me is a healthy dose of paranoia.
President Global Strategic Customers,
Jim Steele