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Episode 20: How Chief Revenue Officer Chris Degnan Built Snowflake’s Successful Sales Organization from the Ground Up

with Joubin Mirzadegan and Chris Degnan

Cloud-based data storage company Snowflake made headlines this past September when it underwent the highest-valued software IPO in market history. For the company’s Chief Revenue Officer, Chris Degnan, this blockbuster success was many years in the making.

Having joined Snowflake in 2013 while the company was still in its early stages, Chris led the effort to build the business’ sales organization. Now, as CRO, Chris remains an integral force of Snowflake’s continued growth.

In this episode of Go to Market Grit, Joubin and Chris discuss what it was like to work at Snowflake when the company was in its early stages, how Chris built Snowflake’s sales organization from the ground up, and how the fear of failure can be an effective motivator.