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Episode 37: Going The Extra Mile: Forging Meaningful Customer Connections with Unity Technologies VP Laura Palmer

with Joubin Mirzadegan and Laura Palmer

Laura Palmer will never forget the first big technology sales deal she ever closed.

Having only worked professionally as an inside sales rep, Laura took a leap of faith early in her business career and negotiated a half-a-million deal with a customer while “kind of knowing what I was doing and kind of not knowing what I was doing,” she says.

So when Laura stood up for herself by telling the CEO of her company that she believed she should be promoted to a field rep, it’s no surprise she was given the job on the spot.

Since then, Laura — who now serves as Vice President of Sales, Americas & EMEA at Unity Technologies — has built an extremely successful career in sales and sales leadership. On this episode of Go to Market Grit, Joubin and Laura talk about returning to the office in a post-COVID world, as well as the importance of building relationships with customers by physically showing up.