Alyson Watson


We’re experiencing a massive shift in how society focuses on mental health. What was once whispered about and stigmatized is now part of everyday conversation. The corporate world has also seen a shift in how it recognizes—and prioritizes—the mental health of their employees. Modern Health and its mission have proven to be built for this overdue shift: the ability to access mental health resources is no longer just a perk, it’s increasingly becoming an instrumental part of employee success.

The backstory: In 2017, Alyson Watson saw an opportunity to bring mental health care and resources to the forefront for the corporate world. She thought since we spend 40+ hours a week working, why shouldn’t mental health be prioritized and incorporated within the workplace?

Modern Health has pioneered how to help to solve the challenge of supporting employee mental health needs with the right product and service at the right time, whether the employee needs clinical support or is looking to be proactive in prioritizing their mental health. They imagined and developed a platform that engages employees across a variety of care modalities, not just high-cost therapy like many of the incumbent healthcare providers.

Companies are finding Modern Health’s comprehensive platform incredibly effective. Employees are consistently engaging with ease and comfort, and they enjoy having the resources as part of their benefits. HR departments are also thrilled with the impact that Modern Health has on their companies. They love knowing their employees can easily access necessary care on a platform that not only boasts robust clinical outcomes and is easy to engage with, but is also cost-effective and affordable for their company.

The stigma around mental health is no longer a barrier for employees to experience as a challenge or private struggle. Access to a range of care is now simply part of their core benefits package and is just a click or two away.

We believe Modern Health has helped usher mental health to be viewed as the fourth pillar of healthcare, in addition to medical, dental and vision. Alyson and the Modern Health team are on an incredible trajectory that we’re proud to be part of, and we’re excited about what’s to come.