Jason Brown

Helping us overcome credit card debt

Tally is an app that helps consumers reduce payments on credit card debt. It addresses a real pain point in the U.S. where 41% of all households carry some sort of debt on their credit cards. Those with the lowest net worth (zero or negative) are carrying an average debt balance of around $10,000 and with APRs that can reach over 25% for people with poor credit scores, the debt burden is overwhelming. Tally’s fully automated solution enables consumers qualified for the service to upload their cards and get access to a new line of credit at a lower interest rate, starting first with the most expensive card in their wallet. The app takes all the worry out of making payments on time, paying at least two business days before the due date on the credit card bill. Recently introduced Tally Save awards virtual points for "good financial behaviors" such as consistently setting money aside or making payments toward revolving balances. While Tally doesn’t erase debt, it makes managing payments cheaper, simpler and less stressful.