Susan Biglieri

Susan Biglieri

  • Education Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, University of California, Berkeley and C.P.A (retired)
  • Boards NVCA CFO Taskforce
  • Prior Experience Mouse Systems Technology, Ernst & Young

As CFO, how do you see your role impacting Kleiner Perkins?

In 25 years with Kleiner Perkins, the most valuable accomplishment has been the set of core values instilled in the team for our relationships with investing partners, LPs, and our extended family of entrepreneurs.

What values are most important to the firm’s success?

It starts with honesty and integrity to build trust, not only through relationships but with data. In finance, data is our currency to deliver comprehensive information to both our investing partner teams and our limited partners. Transparency is key. Partners are armed with knowledge to help make the decisions that Kleiner Perkins is known for. It’s an art to sift through so much information and distill it down to meaningful data. It’s always my goal to make sure the numbers reflect reality. Our investors trust that data, which is integral to the KP success story.

Do you get to work with portfolio companies?

While my primary role is to oversee financial management of the firm, I enjoy helping our portfolio companies. This might take the form of providing help on a range of financial matters: how to manage cash from the initial investment; what happens during an exit with distribution of stock; recommendations on auditors, tax preparers, insurance brokers, banks and lenders. More broadly, we are helping to effect change for entrepreneurs, whether directly or through our role in the venture community, primarily with the NVCA.

How do you think about your connection to the LPs?

There is a fiduciary obligation to provide accurate and timely financial data to our investors. Our investors appreciate the clarity and the integrity in this reporting, and it is something that I take pride in. I value the loyalty of our investors and the relationships that we’ve built over the years.