A Bright Future for Connected Vehicles

The modern enterprise has an extraordinary amount of data, but that often does not translate into actionable intelligence. This problem is exacerbated when a company’s assets are mobile or decentralized, be that people, vehicles or the work itself. With the union of mobile devices, ubiquitous connectivity and the cloud, organizations have a fighting chance to make sense of how their mobile and distributed assets contribute to the bottom line.

At the Green Growth Fund (GGF) at KPCB, we are optimistic about and energized by the amount of transformation occurring in the transportation and mobility space. In October of 2013 GGF invested in Telogis because we saw them as a leader in vehicle connectivity, which underpins much of the disruption in transportation. As the premier platform for mobile enterprise management (MEM), Telogis helps customers translate a complex mess of data into actionable insight. From the start, they built enterprise grade products capable of managing and monitoring tens of thousands of endpoints. Since we invested, Telogis has built on their technology and market advantage by adding additional unique applications, advanced analytics and visualizations. They transitioned from a best-in-class telematics business to the enterprise IoT platform.

Today, Telogis announced that they were acquired by Verizon. The Green Growth Fund and Kleiner Perkins would like to congratulate the Telogis team on this major milestone!

We are excited about the new opportunities Telogis will have within Verizon to accelerate the work they have done since founding in 2001. We want to thank the founders, executives and team members who have been integral to the company’s success. Thank you for the opportunity to lead the Series A and be involved for the past three years!

We’re very bullish on the impact that autonomy, electrification, and sharing will have on the transportation sector and we look forward to continuing to invest in the future of transportation. This transaction is one more piece of evidence that it is a great time to be an entrepreneur developing ways to move people or things around the world more quickly, efficiently and sustainably.

Congratulations, again, for an excellent outcome!