Autograph: The future of fandom

The autograph is iconic – it represents a unique moment and a genuine interaction that will be encapsulated forever. Whether it’s signed jerseys, album covers, or art, collectibles are deeply embedded in our lives. They connect us to people, moments, and things that we value. And while collectibles have been around as long as humans, they haven't evolved beyond tradable physical items, until recently.

Technology has created new ways for fans to engage with their icons. Memorabilia is no longer resigned to life on a shelf – collectibles, bespoke content, and unique moments can be created, consumed and cherished infinitely in many ways online. The trading card can now become a lifelong ticket full of experiences and value like never before. For fans, this is an opportunity to not only own a piece of history, but to have a direct connection to it that pays dividends. For talent, this is a means of creating an ongoing and deep engagement with their fans.

Autograph is creating a unique platform to power these magical experiences on top of web3. Their team has a unique background in media, technology, and talent, and represents some of the biggest icons in sports, music, and entertainment. We’ve been blown away by the team and their approach to creating tailored offerings for icons and their fans, that result in truly bespoke collectibles and experiences with long lasting value.

The future of decentralized technology, whether it’s currencies or applications, is very bright. But as much as the onboarding to this world is improving at a fast pace, it’s still hard for many to participate. Autograph provides a major onramp for everyone to jump into the world in an easy to use and transparent way.

Our physical and digital worlds are rapidly merging, and we’re excited to partner with the Autograph team at a unique moment in time where platforms that define these experiences are being built. We believe that Autograph will be a cornerstone platform that brings the power and possibilities created by web3 to the mainstream, and couldn’t be more excited to co-lead their Series B.

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