Bringing Clarity to Supply Chain Risk

As companies locate sourcing and manufacturing across continents in search of a competitive advantage, business success becomes inextricably linked to supply chain performance. But the risk exposure to operations and reputation from a global supply chain is not always fully appreciated, yet is critical to understand in our interconnected world. It's not just a matter of getting data on your immediate business partner, you must also know with whom they are doing business. A supply chain is only as secure as its weakest link.

Recent global events have only emphasized that supply chain risk assessment, assurance and monitoring will be a major area of need for organizations over the decades to come. For the past year, we have had the privilege of partnering with the Interos team to bring a new level of transparency and intelligence to these highly interconnected supply chains.

Interos' ability to automatically map supply to any level to understand Tier 1 suppliers, but also Tier N suppliers, and overlay this information using machine learning to assess potential risks in the supply chain has never been done before. Not with this level of accuracy, intelligence, and speed.

Today, we're excited to welcome Venrock to the Interos journey as we announce the company's Series B. We're proud to work with Jennifer and the incredible team at Interos to bring clarity to an otherwise opaque global supply chain.

- Ted