Welcoming CloudHealth Technologies!

We’re in the midst of one of the most profound transitions in IT history: the movement to the cloud. While the benefits – such as lower upfront costs, reduced management requirements, on-demand scaling – are widely understood, managing, optimizing and securing cloud infrastructure is a different story. It can actually be substantially more challenging than traditional data center infrastructure because of its dynamic nature.

As a business begins to utilize multiple cloud providers, as well as their own data centers, these problems compound. Pressure mounts on engineering teams to automate processes and lower costs. Leaders shift valuable engineering resources away from core product development to cloud maintenance. Ops teams write programs to help automate instance purchasing and management, but cloud providers constantly change their pricing structure and technology infrastructure, rendering internally built technologies obsolete.

This is why we invested in CloudHealth.

CloudHealth is a Cloud Service Management platform that takes the pain out of managing cloud deployments and puts the power back in the hands of business users (in particular, the CFO & CIO). The platform provides customers with a centralized console for users to manage their hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure. It integrates directly with cloud providers’ infrastructure, enabling customers to optimize and automate instance purchasing to take advantage of pricing changes, allows a business user to automate all rules, policies and governance, and gives security professionals visibility into real-time risks.

In reducing complexity, CloudHealth adds immediate ROI for all stakeholders. Engineers can return their focus to the core product, finance teams are able to cut costs and gain visibility into usage by team and expense bucket, and CIOs can improve and optimize governance.

CloudHealth Technologies’ exceptionally strong growth and unit economics demonstrate the unique value customers achieve with the product. It is emerging as the clear leader in the category, has some of the strongest retention cohorts we’ve seen and is extremely well positioned to capitalize on the continued growth and complexity of hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Importantly, while the business has scaled rapidly, culture has scaled thoughtfully (just check out the Glassdoor reviews).

The CloudHealth Technologies team should be incredibly proud of what they’ve accomplished to date. In particular, Dan Phillips (C-Founder & CEO), Joe Kinsella (Co-Founder & CTO) and Larry Begley (CFO & one of the first institutional investors while a GP at .406 Ventures) deserve tremendous credit for the team they’ve assembled and the business they’ve built.

We are thrilled to welcome the entire CloudHealth Technologies team to the Kleiner Perkins family!