Figma: Crazy Ramping Series C

“The rapid rise of Figma,” says Mamoon, “is not an enigma”…

There’s been a playbook for the company’s success:

Take the time to figure out what you’re doing, be careful interviewing,

And commit to perfectionism that creates high customer NPS.

What traction! 80% global and a million uniques;

With a third of the users in the app 4+ days a week.

And today they announced Sequoia is leading their newest funding;

Getting half of a leading VC’s portfolio on Figma is really something!

“It’s been a crazy ramp” since Figma’s minds were blown

By Mike McCue’s insights about being “customer obsessed.”

They did user observation on every single software milestone;

Real customer feedback in real-time brought out engineers’ very best.

There is no looking back; customers from Uber to Square and Slack.

One reviewer said, “Figma has created the future.”

There may not be enough history yet to claim victory,

But they’re living the dream of every first-time entrepreneur.

Reflecting on how he has grown from Kleiner Perkins Fellow to CEO,

Dylan Field said, “I didn’t even know management was a skill in 2012.”

He learned from Jeff Weiner not to hire in-betweeners,

And that most people can’t coach or resolve conflicts by themselves.

Founder Dylan Field is a prodigy, with a commitment to knowledge. He

Has inspired a platform that “turns designs into products much faster.”

At Figma, “life is good”, and if they execute as they should,

The company is headed for the land of “happily ever after.”

If you are an experienced designer or just intern wannabe, “Try Figma for Free,”

And see how frustration-free prototyping leads to success, good times and laughter.

No matter what your career path may turn out to be,

You’ll become a master new product crafter hereafter!

By Bing Gordon, on behalf of the Kleiner Perkins team

February 2019