Geology 101

Into Stanford University, you have thundered and roared,

The best founders and CEOs KPCB could afford.

Into this epicenter of disruption, you roared and you thundered,

So many alphas here today for the 12 to 200.

You are the deciders, the providers, the visionaries, the buccaneers;

24/7 you are whom they mean when they say, “the buck stops here”.

It’s lonely at the top, but you get the long view,

And when everyone else exits, what will remain is you.

You daily fight to get talent, then to keep them aligned;

You stay close to your customers, even when they’re unkind.

You sweat the details of product, from growth to retention;

And if month on month flattens, you create another dimension.

Every employee is watching; do you practice what you preach;

When you talk about the vision, do you communicate to each?

You are the confidence builders, the foundation, the sail,

And as hard as market fit was, it’s even harder to scale.

But today, fearless leaders, you will not be on stage.

With no imminent pressure, you can soak up Meeker and Page.

You can repin a wedding gown or feed a virtual cow,

And meet some other entrepreneurs you may not have met until now.

We are psyched that you’re here; you could have been home instead.

We hope you’ll be inspired; we guarantee you’ll be well-fed.

You are the lions of the new economy, with possibilities unfurled;

We’re happy to be your pebbles, as you rock the world!

KPCB and Bing

July 2014