Glean: Empowering employees to find answers

Today, we’re doubling down on our investment in Glean, and welcome Sequoia to the Glean journey as we announce the company’s Series C. We’re as bullish about the company and opportunity as we were when we first backed Arvind and an idea just over three years ago when we led the Series A. Glean’s broad based approach to solving productivity for every employee very much reminds us of our early investment in Slack, and we have a shared conviction that Glean is on a similar history-making path.

When knowledge-based work became entirely remote during the pandemic, it accelerated an already acute pain point for workers. Finding the information you need, when you need it, isn’t always easy. Navigating knowledge fragmentation in a distributed work environment is a drag.

Employers want to provide their employees with easy ways to find answers to their questions, and empower them to stay connected, to both company knowledge and each other. But as workplaces become increasingly decentralized and distributed, employees struggle to find answers and insights within applications that don’t share connective tissue.

To help employers solve this problem, Glean has created a powerful, unified search experience that spans SaaS apps. It empowers employees with an intuitive work assistant that helps them find exactly what they need, and discover the things they should know.

At Kleiner Perkins, we’re as effusive about Glean’s team as we are about the product — we can’t imagine working without it. Glean understands who individuals are, what they’re working on, and who they’re working with, and the highly personalized results delight users. The outcome is happier, informed, and productive teams that have more time to spend on meaningful work.

ー Mamoon