AI for the Enterprise

Today, we’re re-doubling down on our conviction in Glean and co-leading the company’s Series D. It has been almost five years since Arvind started Glean in our offices on Sand Hill Road. The team quickly grew to nearly 20 incredible engineers, who built Glean in our incubation space until the onset of the pandemic.

At the time, the need for a solution to help employees navigate knowledge fragmentation in a distributed environment was already acute. Glean was built to connect and deeply understand all of a company’s information. Early customers were delighted to use Glean for trusted answers grounded in their enterprise knowledge graph.

With breakthroughs in NLP and deep learning, Glean’s powerful search technology is now retrieving the most relevant information for LLMs to use. All information gleaned within a company is secure, private, permissions-aware, and fully referenceable back to source documentation.

With mounting pressure to adopt AI in a responsible way, CIOs are turning to Glean as the obvious solution. Among its hundreds of customers that include Databricks, Canva, BILL, Grammarly, Confluent, Duolingo, and CitizenM, employees using Glean Assistant average 14 queries per day and report saving 2-3 hours each week.

We’re as excited about the company and opportunity as we were when we backed Arvind and an idea when we led the Series A. Glean is evolving from the tool you use to answer questions, to one that can support routine generative tasks, enabling teams to be more productive without compromising security.

— Mamoon, Ev, and Lucas