Harvey: Super-powering knowledge work

AI will supercharge humans in all professions and eliminate rote work so that people can focus on what we do best - reasoning and making decisions. It is especially exciting for knowledge work that requires vast amounts of information to be synthesized for optimal decision making. But doing this in a way that empowers people and engenders trust in a revolutionary technology is no easy task.

Gabe Pereyra and Winston Weinberg founded Harvey to bring the power of LLMs to knowledge work. They’re starting with one of the oldest, most intricate, and impactful professions that underpins how businesses operate and society functions – legal. Gabe’s experience at the forefront of AI development, Winston’s deep expertise in the legal profession, and their incredible drive and work ethic are the perfect combination to solve this problem and the results speak for themselves.

Harvey’s execution has been incredible. In the past year they’ve scaled their spectacular team from 5 to over 50, amassed amazing customers across top legal firms and enterprises, grown revenue 10x, and, most importantly, built a product that every one of their users rave about. All of this is a testament to how well the team understands both the needs of knowledge workers they support and how to leverage the most cutting edge developments in AI to serve those needs.

What’s even more exciting than the traction that Harvey has had to date, is Gabe and Winston’s vision for what they want Harvey to become and the elegance with which their product augments human work. We couldn’t be more thrilled to co-lead their Series B and support them on their quest to unlock human creativity.

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