Huntress: Cybersecurity for the 99%

We’re thrilled to announce that Kleiner Perkins is co-leading Huntress’ Series D alongside our friends at Meritech and Sapphire.

Today’s cyberthreat landscape paints a bleak picture for small & mid-sized businesses. For many years, cybersecurity was primarily a concern for large enterprises – these businesses offered cybercriminals the most digital surface area to target, and the biggest prizes for a successful attack. But as large enterprises have invested heavily in improving their security capabilities, threat actors have increasingly shifted their focus to the other 99% of businesses that can’t afford to spend $10s of millions a year on cybersecurity. These are the hospitals, schools, stores, and other small & mid-sized businesses that are mission critical to our local communities, and cyberattacks on them are increasing at an alarming rate*.

Making matters worse, as these business owners come to terms with the risks they face, they realize that the best security tools have historically been built for large enterprises, not for them. This leaves SMBs - and the managed service providers (MSPs) they often partner with to manage their IT & security - facing a surge of threats without affordable, high-quality tooling to fight back. This is unacceptable, and it's the problem that Huntress was founded to solve. All businesses should have the resources they need to secure themselves from cyberthreats, and now they do, thanks to Huntress.

Huntress was founded by former NSA cyber operators with one simple idea: make it a losing fight for hackers. The team has built a managed security platform that delivers robust products & exceptional service, while remaining affordable for SMBs & their MSP partners. Huntress’ Managed EDR leverages a combination of best-in-class software and a 24/7 team of human threat hunters to monitor attack surfaces, detect vulnerabilities and exploits, and protect infrastructure from cyber attacks. The offering delivers best-in-class detection and response capabilities through an easy to install, lightweight agent that doesn’t conflict with other tools. In the past few years, Huntress has added Security & Awareness Training and Managed Detection & Response (MDR) for Microsoft 365 products, and have other exciting products in the near-term pipeline all following one common thread - they’re built for SMBs and the MSPs that serve them.

Beyond the product, the Huntress team consistently goes above & beyond as a champion for its community, responding live & in public to large-scale cyber attacks such as the Kaseya VSA supply chain attack; helping customers and non-customers alike resolve major attacks more rapidly. It’s extremely rare to see the level of passion & loyalty that Huntress has built among its community of customers and partners, and it became clear during our diligence that they’ve earned it. To illustrate this point, we wanted to end with a few of our favorite quotes from Huntress customers themselves:

“It is hard to say what I like best, easy answers are the ease of use or the great support, but if I had to choose one it is the corporate culture. Of all the vendors I have, I can say there are very few that are committed to helping its partners but Huntress is the model all companies should strive to be!” – Brian C., via G2Crowd

"There was a time in the 2000s that Google was such a great thing that I would have named one of my children Google. Now days I would name it Huntress instead." – marklein via Reddit

“Q: Is Huntress worth the money?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Yyyyeeeeeeessssss.” – Oden_Drago via Reddit

We’re excited to partner with Kyle, Chris, and the entire Huntress team as they continue to build the best cybersecurity platform for small & mid-sized businesses and the IT providers that partner with them.

– Ev & Lucas

*In fact, every SMB owner we spoke to in our research mentioned either being targeted themselves or knowing a fellow business owner who’d been targeted in a cyberattack - often resulting in catastrophic outcomes for their businesses.