Imprint: A modern approach to rewarding customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is more valuable than ever. It costs a business at least five times more to acquire new customers than it does to retain their current ones. In addition to offering an exceptional product or service, the easiest way to build customer loyalty is with rewards.

Rewarding loyalty isn’t a new idea, but the way most brands approach it is notoriously outdated — a co-branded credit card, or that rewards program you’d signed up for but never actually gotten anything useful from it. We’ve all been there.

As modern brands redefine the way we shop, it’s time for their loyalty programs to modernize too. The idea that branded payments and rewards products should be as modern as the companies they’re built for is what fueled the creation of Imprint.

Imprint is building the easiest, most rewarding, and most inclusive way for customers to shop with the brands they love. It’s an Apple Pay-like experience that is as digitally-native as the brands Imprint is working with, and puts the customer first — no credit inquiries, no interest, no fees - just rewards.

Any brand can now design their own customer loyalty experience for almost every customer with a US-linked bank account. By bypassing the traditional banks, Imprint enables brands to reduce what they pay to process a transaction. The savings reinvest into rich rewards for their customers, ultimately boosting retention, customer love and lifetime value.

We’re thrilled to lead Imprint’s Series A and partner with Daragh, Gaurav at Thrive Capital, and the Imprint team in their pursuit to reimagine how we pay, and make it a rewarding experience for customers and the brands they love.

ー Mamoon