Taking healthcare to Infinitus and Beyond

Healthcare is critical to our quality of life and one of the largest industries. Yet our healthcare system has historically been slow to adopt technology and meet the needs of consumers and businesses in real time. It’s a system that still runs on fax machines and phone calls.

In the U.S. alone, more than 900 million phone calls are made to initiate healthcare processes. Over a million healthcare professionals spend more than 4.5 hours each day making them. These calls average 35 minutes and the majority of them are repetitive and should be automated. It’s a resource drain on patients, doctors, and companies. Most importantly, these calls are slowing down our healthcare system.

When we met co-founders Ankit and Shyam in 2019, they had a vision for applying recent advances in learning, speech, and audio computing to business processes. While it’s clear that many businesses still communicate with their customers by phone, we were shocked to learn just how many businesses across a multitude of industries rely on repetitive calls to exchange information and work with each other. Healthcare was clearly one of the largest of these industries and most impactful to our daily lives. Ankit and Shyam’s experience as repeat founders and deep technologists made it a no brainer for us to lead their Seed and help them get their band back together.

The result is Infinitus ー a streamlined API platform that automates calls and connects businesses together more efficiently. In just two years, Infinitus has been put to work by companies that range in size from startups to Fortune 100 companies like AmerisourceBergen to power a range of critical processes, including patient benefits verification. Last month, they automated over 75,000 calls on behalf of over 12,500 healthcare providers across the US.

The healthcare landscape is full of manual processes that happen off the computer, and calls are just the beginning. We’re excited to continue our journey and join Infinitus’ Series A. You’ll know they’ve succeeded when you never have to make another call for your healthcare.

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