Announcing Kleiner Perkins Select

We're excited to announce Kleiner Perkins Select ー a new $750M fund that extends our core investment strategy to focus on high inflection investments in enterprise, consumer, hardtech, fintech, and healthcare companies.

Over the past few years we’ve seen an incredible acceleration in the startup ecosystem with companies reaching bigger scale in shorter amounts of time than before. Our core domain of early stage investing itself has evolved and expanded with the ecosystem - companies are able to accelerate their growth and maximize their outcomes with more capital earlier in their journey.

As early stage partners to founders, we see opportunities to both double down on existing relationships, as well as forge new ones that we meet along the way. With Kleiner Perkins Select, our team has the opportunity to make these high conviction investments and combine our early stage company building expertise with more capital to help companies fuel and maximize their growth.

It's the same team, with the same strategy, investing in the same sectors. And while our mission remains the same — to be the first call for founders who want to change the world and make history — we’re excited to make select investments that allow us to continue to partner with founders and their teams to build iconic companies through a bigger part of the journey.