Welcome Rippling

Businesses are built by people whose time should be spent on developing products and interacting with customers. Yet so much of our individual and organizational energy is wasted on filling out forms, dealing with back office issues, onboarding and offboarding team members, figuring out hardware and software issues and employee benefits.

Today, businesses of all sizes face a litany of disparate back office and front-end applications devoid of any connective tissue. Changes to employee data in one system has no bearing over the same record in another system. Extensibility is all but absent. If employee data changes - whether a promotion, new hire, or termination - updates must be entered by hand into every system. Due to the potential for human error, the negative side effects are numerous: inconsistent employee records, misconfigured credentials, permissions misaligned to role, lack of visibility across applications.

With the rise of cloud-based services in every functional area, the need for a platform - a central authority for enterprise data - to unify business systems is becoming critical. Enter Rippling -- Parker, Prasanna and their team have spent years thinking about and building a full solution to this problem. Rippling enables businesses of all sizes to more effectively manage their HR back office, their hardware and software systems, and most importantly free up their employees' time and unleash their creativity.

No-one understands better than Parker and his team at Rippling that employee data and identity are critical to transforming the operational effectiveness of business systems. We couldn't be more excited to lead Rippling's Series A and be part of this journey for years to come.

-Ilya and Mamoon

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