KPCB 12-200 Communications Meet-Up

Some of the Valley’s best marketing and communications professionals assembled at KPCB’s San Francisco office for a panel discussion on issues in tech PR. Moderated by KPCB’s Christina Lee, the panel included Twitter’s Gabriel Stricker, Pramana Collective’s Brandee Barker, and LinkedIn’s Shannon Stubo.

The Secret To Comms Success: Stay Boring, Stay Sexy

Shannon Stubo, VP of corporate communications at LinkedIn, says one of the challenges of her job is keeping the company boring and sexy at the same time. To understand what she means – and why she spends 40% of her time on internal communications issue, you’ll need to watch this clip.

Talking To Yourself: The Secrets of Internal Communications

Running a corporate communications department involves far more than simply managing relationships with the press. In particular, it requires setting up effective internal communications channels. For some handy tips on making that happen, watch this clip.

You Don’t Need A PR Agency. Unless Maybe You Do.

So you have corporate communications responsibility for a budding startup. Do you need an agency? Depends who you ask – and what capabilities you have in house. To learn more about the debate watch this clip.

Twitter: The Decision Not To Hire An Agency For The IPO

Twitter VP of marketing and communications Gabriel Stricker discusses his reasons for going it alone on the company’s recent initial public offering, rather than hiring an outside firm for media relations support. Stricker says the need for agency support on an IPO has been reduced in the era of the JOBS Act. Listen to his thinking – and some contrary thoughts on the issue.

Social Media: A Must For Communications Executives

Should communications pros be using social media? Should you separate your personal and professional lives on social media? And should you be focused on hiring staff that are social media experts? These are some of the questions addressed in this lively clip.

Hiring Communications Firm’s: What’s The ROI?

How do you know if you are getting your money’s worth from a public relations firm? Are there good methods to measure your returns?