Loom + Atlassian: Putting video messages to work

The idea behind Loom is simple: empower anyone at a company to record a short personalized video that shows their face, and share it. It’s the human connection that can be captured in a meeting, with the convenience of asynchronous communication. The vision driving Loom is deep: make communication more human, simple, rich, and accessible for all.

I first met Joe, Vinay, and Shahed in 2017, when Loom was a snappy free Chrome extension that allowed people to record and share their screens easily. A year later, with almost a million downloads and 1.5 million monthly views, it was clear that they had unlocked a new way for people to collaborate across offices, companies, countries, and time zones.

In 2018 Loom was still a free Chrome extension. The team purposefully chose to ignore monetization and focus on product experience and user-generated growth for years, and it paid off. They built a highly performant product that customers loved. Companies were becoming more distributed, and the asynchronous nature of the product made it easy to communicate complex ideas without a meeting. The inherent viral nature of communication within and across companies made, in our eyes, a path to growth and monetization straightforward. After a few whiteboarding sessions, and boxes of Bob’s donuts, we knew we wanted to be part of their journey and led Loom’s Series A.

Today, with more than 25 million users and more than 200,000 customers, Loom is living its mission to empower effective communication with video messages. Individuals and organizations use Loom as an integral part of their working lives to build better products, connect with customers, provide support, share fun moments, and more.

We couldn’t be more excited for Joe, Vinay, and all the Loommates to be part of Atlassian, and look forward to what they accomplish together.