Scaling access to quality healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic put a spotlight on the capabilities of telemedicine, as patients access important care from the safety of their homes. Regulatory changes helped to accelerate adoption, and many patients have tried virtual visits for the first time. While telemedicine has emerged as a critical component of our healthcare system, it has also become clear that telemedicine alone is not the answer. Many care needs require in-person visits and diagnostics, and providers often wish they had better insight into patients’ social risk factors.

Co-founders Dan Trigub and Inna Plumb share our belief that patients deserve healthcare that is accessible, affordable, and safe. When we met, they shared a vision for enriching and expanding the use cases of telemedicine through onsite visits. The approach they are taking has the potential to redefine how, and where, patients receive medical care.

MedArrive is a new care management platform that enables healthcare providers and payors to extend services into the home. The company bridges the virtual care gap by combining physician-led telemedicine with hands-on care from a network of trusted EMS professionals. This combination improves patient access to high quality care, while reducing costs and empowering an underutilized segment of healthcare workers. MedArrive is building for scale. Today, they can tap into a network of more than 20,000 trusted EMTs and paramedics ready to be deployed across the country, in both urban and rural markets. This extensive coverage is critical for partners looking to distribute vaccines and provide services like chronic condition management, transitional care, readmission prevention, medication reconciliation, and more.

We’re excited to co-lead MedArrive’s Seed and partner with the team on their mission to make affordable at-home care accessible to all.

ー Annie