Networking our multi-cloud world

Multi-cloud is the overwhelming conclusion to most enterprise’s cloud journeys. All of the triggering rationale for cloud migration en mass - including scalability, cost savings, and disaster recovery - have driven companies to distribute their cloud resources with multiple providers. But this logical path for businesses has ultimately placed enormous strain on their network management, which was already exacerbated by the demands of hybrid environments. Networking for the multi-cloud era requires a different approach, one that’s ultimately simpler for the user.

Alkira’s founders, brothers Amir and Atif Khan, were known to us as the founders of the SD-WAN company Viptela, which later went on to be acquired by Cisco Systems. At Viptela they had consolidated routing and network services for branch offices into their platform, a centralized approach that earned them a market leading reputation. We share their conviction that a similar opportunity exists with multi-cloud. This centralized approach is at the foundation of Alkira and its new service Alkira Cloud Services Exchange (CSX) -- the first unified multi-cloud network that can be deployed in under an hour.

Alkira is empowering companies to connect and operate multi-cloud networks with the support they need, like integrated services, visibility and governance. And in today’s climate, remote work is breeding a sense of urgency for these capabilities. We’re thrilled to co-lead Alkira’s Series A with Bill Coughran at Sequoia Capital and partner with the team on their mission to transform how businesses run on multi-cloud.

- Mamoon & Bucky