The future of credit is global

Economic mobility is at the heart of the American dream and our progress as human beings. Access to credit is fundamental to this, but the credit infrastructure today was not built for a mobile world where talent and businesses are truly global. With modern technology and growing amounts of data, the future of credit reaches far beyond today’s infrastructure limitations. That’s why we are excited to partner with Nova Credit on its mission to democratize access to credit globally.

As immigrants, many of us at Kleiner Perkins have benefited from economic mobility and experienced the limitations of the global credit system first hand. And so have the overwhelming majority of our founders and CEOs who came to the US in search of opportunity. The mission and vision of Nova that Misha, Nicky and their team are building deeply resonates with us.

Nova has quickly and clearly established itself as the premier cross-border credit reporting agency. What’s more impressive is that their vision is shared with some of the biggest financial brands, who are leveraging Nova to offer newcomers access to their products. The long term opportunity is even bigger -- with new sources of data and a truly global world, the notion of credit and access to financial services can be truly reimagined.

The future of credit is as mobile as we are, and we’re excited to help Nova Credit make it a global reality and lead their Series B.

— ilya & Monica