Automating compliance certifications end-to-end

As businesses dip their feet further into the digital transformation pool, they find themselves producing and consuming data at a rate that existing approaches to compliance and security are incapable of keeping pace with. Corporate security postures are looking increasingly precarious, built on manual compliance reviews and disconnected security tooling. At the same time, new regulations are placing increased strain on corporations to implement the right frameworks to protect data access and ensure privacy.

Most companies experience this friction early on in the form of SOC 2. SOC 2 is a compliance framework that asserts the operational effectiveness of a company’s IT systems. The certification is designed for any software company that stores customer information in the cloud. Over the past few years, SOC 2 certification requirements have become pervasive in software procurement — most modern software companies cannot sell their product without it. It has effectively become a revenue unlock. Though more often than not, SOC 2 certification catches most teams flat-footed.

Companies are often surprised by how long and arduous the SOC 2 certification journey is. It consists of a 12-18mo process that involves creating and documenting a company’s security controls, collecting evidence to support adherence to said controls, assessing and remediating any gaps, and finally undergoing a 6-12mo formal audit. And it doesn’t end there. SOC 2 certifications must be renewed (at a minimum) annually. As you might imagine, this becomes exponentially more challenging as companies scale and naturally find themselves with a larger employee base and greater degree of application sprawl. This doesn’t include the complexity of additional compliance frameworks companies face when selling into healthcare (e.g. HIPAA), government (e.g. FedRAMP), and other regulated industries. It quickly gets messy.

Enter Secureframe. Secureframe is building a compliance and security platform that automates the compliance certification process end-to-end. Using Secureframe, companies are able to reduce the time it takes to achieve compliance certifications by months, starting with SOC 2 and ISO 27001. Over the next few years, the company plans to expand its support of popular compliance standards and develop best-of-breed security tooling complementary to each standard -- with the ultimate goal of creating their own security frameworks long-term.

We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Shrav, Natasja, and the entire Secureframe team on their mission to become the single source of truth for commercial compliance on the Internet. Oh, and they’re hiring!

— Josh