Storytelling in a Digital Age: A Conversation between Al Gore and Brian Grazer

At a recent KPCB event in Los Angeles, former Vice President and KPCB partner Al Gore interviewed film and television producer Brian Grazer on what it’s like to be a storyteller in the digital age. How has YouTube changed talent scouting? How does entertainment content spread across platforms? Al Gore and Brian Grazer tackle these and many more questions in a conversation bookended by impromptu poems written and performed by KPCB partner Bing Gordon.

Technology Is Changing Moviemaking – Where Does That Leave the Storyteller?

Brian Grazer discusses how important writing for different platforms is in today’s changing media and technology landscape. For example, viewers are now able to binge-watch an entire season of Arrested Development on Netflix – how does this affect the way script writers approach their work?

Casting Eminem and Other Tales of Talent Discovery

In this clip, Brian Grazer talks about how he discovered Eminem and other actors and whether this process will change now that everyone can be a star on social media platforms.

Why Brian Grazer’s Hair Is Spikey – And Why He Gifts Pictures of Himself

Al Gore shares an anecdote about how Brian Grazer tends to leave pictures of himself in heart-shaped frames in other people’s homes. This leads Brian Grazer to reveal not just his intention behind the selfie gifts, but also why he chooses to spike his hair.

Disruption in Movies and Television

The music industry has been disrupted by online streaming radio. Al Gore wonders whether movies and television are next – and Brian Grazer shares his thoughts on the topic.

Hook Is Key: Shortform Storytelling

Brian Grazer discusses his approach to the new shortform storytelling that has been enabled by digital media platforms.

Virtual Reality and Entertainment Content That Stretches Across Platforms

In this clip, Brian Grazer shares his thoughts on the role virtual reality could play in entertainment in the future and on how content will be able to thrive across multiple platforms. (For example, he has now produced two movies that were turned into TV series and will now be turned back into movies.)