A new model for world-class education

Students everywhere should have the power to access a world-class education. This past year, the pandemic put a critical spotlight on how ill-equipped our U.S. education system was to handle remote learning. Growing up with Netflix, Instagram, YouTube, and now TikTok, Gen Z’s virtual experience expectations are not met by the patchwork of screen shares, shared docs, and websites that they are now faced with. Educators are struggling too, as they don’t have access to the content and technology they need to produce learning experiences that can hold their students’ attention and meet their individual needs.

This reality became painfully clear in 2020 as education transformed into a streaming service out of necessity, and Felix Ruano, Michael Vilardo, and Jonathan Quiros came together to build a solution. The three proudly Latino co-founders have a shared passion, scrappiness, and drive to leverage education to create a better life, and they set out to build a company that would enable others to transform their own lives through education.

Subject is raising the bar for the virtual learning experience with a platform that has the kind of content that you expect from MasterClass, and the accreditation students need for the work to count towards their future. More than 50,000 students have used Subject to supplement their high school learning experience already, and the team is quickly working toward their goal of providing a place where anyone can earn both high school and college credits from the comfort of their home.

We’re excited to lead Subject's seed, and to partner with the team on their mission to deliver the most effective and engaging virtual learning experience.

ー Annie