Superblocks: Changing the legacy of internal custom software

Custom software for internal applications is at the center of every business on the planet. It remains expensive to build and even harder maintain. Up until now, developers haven’t had the toolkit to streamline software development for internal apps. Enter Superblocks.

Superblocks has been building quietly with a mission to bring every building block that a developer needs to build and automate any process into a single, programmable platform. Instead of building a low-code solution to democratize development, Superblocks is supercharging developers.

With the introduction of its programmable developer IDE, Superblocks has quickly become the internal tooling backbone at hundreds of companies such as Motive, Payhawk, Clearco, and Alchemy. In the last couple of months alone, developers have built thousands of apps, workflows, and jobs with Superblocks.

We are excited by the opportunity for Superblocks to supercharge millions of developers everywhere, and proud to partner with Brad, Ran and the Superblocks team to lead their Series A.

— Mamoon