Taking the Golden State Warriors to Greatness: Lessons for Entrepreneurs

As defending NBA champions, the Golden State Warriors finished second to the Cleveland Cavaliers after making NBA history by setting the best ever regular season record of 73-9. The Warriors broke more than 25 NBA records and more than 10 franchise records last season. These achievements were the result of organization-wide teamwork, smart personnel decisions, innovation, risk-taking and an emphasis on character on all levels. At a recent KPCBCEO Workshop, KPCB general partner Ted Schlein interviewed Warriors owner and CEO Joe Lacob on how he built a winning culture using lessons learned from his business career and how creation of the “Strength in Numbers” franchise holds lessons for entrepreneurs.

Goal Setting and Achievement

Managing Success

Making Tough Decisions

Managing Talent

Culture of Teamwork

Free Agency Model and Talent Wars in the Valley

Dealing with Failure