Tecton: Bringing machine learning to the masses

The digital and connected experiences we rely on to live our lives are increasingly fueled by machine learning. Estimated ride times, restaurant recommendations, fraud detections, e-commerce discounts, and content suggestions we benefit from on a daily basis serve as reminders of this reality. Like intuitive UX, machine learning has become table stakes. However, incorporating it into user-facing products remains overwhelmingly complex for all but the most advanced companies.

Tecton was founded in 2018 with a vision to abstract away this complexity, and enable any company to bring machine learning to their customers with ease. Taking inspiration from the founding team’s work on Uber’s internal machine learning platform, Tecton set out to automate the tedious but critical engineering work that goes into training and operationalizing a model with the data it needs to make useful predictions. At the time, the population of companies who had successfully implemented machine learning into their products was small to say the least. This was also when we first met the team behind Tecton’s feature platform for ML, who impressed us with their clarity of thought and unwavering conviction in the magnitude of the opportunity to help the world productize machine learning.

Since then, Tecton has gone on to pioneer the ML feature management category, and build a product that serves as the foundation for the machine learning efforts of Fortune 500 companies across all major verticals, and tech juggernauts like Atlassian, Convoy, HelloFresh, Plaid and Tide. This has translated to accelerating revenue growth, and leadership position in this emerging market. Tecton is also building a vibrant community of machine learning practitioners around Feast, the leading open-source feature management platform. Its apply() conference series saw over 10,000 registered attendees this year.

To keep pace with growing customer demand, and continue growing its community, Tecton announced its $100m Series C led by Kleiner Perkins today. The round also includes strategic investment from key partners - Snowflake and Databricks. After following their progress closely for the past few years, we are thrilled to be partnering with Mike, Kevin, and the Tecton team to bring machine learning to the masses.

– Bucky