The 4 Chapters of Ouya

It’s neither a Nest nor an UP Band, Nor is it a Lockitron hack; But, like these others, it is insanely hard To build a hardware, software, application stack.

It’s been shipping for only 7 months now, With 600 games, XMBC and more. Maybe you audience members should own one Instead of a 3D printer or a Playstation 4.

Now 20 minutes with Julie, entrepreneur extraordinaire, Formerly a game superstar at IGN. You’ll hear the Ouya story in 4 rapid chapters, And what she’d do if she could over again.

We were not envious of Tony Fadell’s story today, Or Hosain and Jawbone killing it at their later stage. But Tony, instead of reinventing old household products for Google, How about an Ouya to automate the house of your new boss Larry Page?