The End of Moore's Law

Created August 2010 by Bing Gordon

In 1965, Intel co-founder Gordon Moore noticed that the transistors on a hunk of silicon were being miniaturized at a steady pace — an observation later dubbed Moore’s Law. A former Intel employee, KPCB’s Bing Gordon saw the Moore’s Law business strategy firsthand. And later, as the creative genius at Electronic Arts, he saw its clockwork model drive successive next-generation platforms in the gaming industry. In this presentation, Bing shares some of the heady moments from his game-maker days, then deconstructs Moore’s Law as the engine of today’s gaming train. He attributes the break with tradition to the rise of ubiquitous social software, mobile platforms, “Generation Multitask” and entertainment as a service, among other trends. With game design untethered from processing power, Bing likes to say, “The future of gaming’s so bright, we gotta wear shades.” Bing makes a convincing case in his insightful essay, found at TechCrunch. Read it as a companion piece to this presentation.