The Magic of Customer Empathy

Understanding how users interact with your product is essential to successful product development. It benefits not only design and production, but also marketing, selling and support. In the world of enterprise software, Software as a Service (SaaS) has become the default delivery method for new applications over the last decade. The SaaS market is huge and rapidly growing. It accounts for nearly $90B in revenue and nearly 20% of all enterprise applications. Within the next decade SaaS will overtake on-premise software. At the same time, consumers are spending more time and money on web-enabled services ranging from ecommerce sites to social media. In this era of choice, we demand the best user experience from these providers. They know this, but there is much more they could do.

SaaS providers enjoy one key advantage over on-premise software vendors. Since SaaS applications are hosted and multi-tenant, providers have the ability to collect all user interaction data, unlocking a treasure trove of useful information that holds many promises. The same holds true for web-enabled services over their physical counterparts. Understanding how users interact with your product enables you to improve their experience, and in turn, attract and retain customers. Infusing this across your company builds customer empathy into the culture.

However, this trove goes largely untapped and underutilized. But why? Many SaaS providers and ecommerce sites are flying blind with nothing but the most rudimentary metrics. A few have cobbled together bespoke solutions that either fail to capture data until after the fact or impede the agility that makes online delivery attractive. Fewer still can generate precise insights on user behavior. But when they do, it’s out of context, void of what the user was doing before or after the captured data point. Without context, they’re missing the full story.

The key to unlocking this is a solution that seamlessly and comprehensively captures data in a transparent manner to end-users. And more importantly, a solution that quickly and easily produces actionable insight.

We found exactly such a solution backed by an exceptional team. This is why we invested in FullStory.

FullStory provides an enterprise SaaS platform that enables companies to easily record, replay, search and analyze each of their user’s actual experience with their website. Underlining our thesis, FullStory’s product has found success across a multitude of roles. Customer support teams use it to understand and respond to user questions by seeing exactly what they did. Product teams use it to understand which features users are engaging with and how. Designers use it to gain a sense of how users experience their design. Developers see bugs as they happened in the wild. Sales teams use FullStory to understand prospective customer needs and increase likelihood of conversion. Traction across varying roles ranging from developers to sales is rare and compelling, which is why we’re excited to partner with FullStory.

How did FullStory do this? It all starts with a stellar team with deep domain expertise. Add to that a novel technical approach that is easy to adopt and quickly proves the product’s value. Finally, FullStory has a relentless focus on customer happiness – and recursively, their customer’s customer’s happiness.

Today, all of us – in our personal and professional lives – rely on web-enabled products. Whether it’s shopping on an ecommerce site, collaborating with our teams, or viewing prospects on our company’s CRM, we all benefit from a better product design and experience. At FullStory, a world-class team is enabling businesses to truly understand how users experience their products and services. Welcome to the magic of customer empathy.