The Reinvention of Entertainment in the Age of New Media

In a panel discussion at a recent KPCB event in Los Angeles, Albert Cheng, EVP and CPO of Digital Media at Disney, Neil Young, CEO and Founder at N3TWORK, and Sam Rogoway, CEO and Founder at Victorious, talk about what’s in store for the entertainment industry in the future. Will second screens disrupt traditional viewing habits? Where will funding for new content come from in the age of new media? And what is the role of virtual reality? The panel is moderated by KPCB partner Mike Abbott and concludes with an impromptu poem written and performed by KPCB partner Bing Gordon.

How Has the Digital Short-Form Changed Storytelling?

How big of an impact have YouTube and other digital platforms – which power ad-free shortform videos – had? In this clip, Albert Cheng and Neil Young discuss some of the changes brought about by shorter clips, being able to write without commercial breaks in mind, and the so-called innovator’s dilemma.

Is it Possible to Monetize a Six-Second Piece of Content?

Sam Rogoway talks about the need to break out of the “broadcast consumption paradigm” in order to play to – and monetize – new entertainment viewing patterns.

Jumping on the Direct Stream Bandwagon

Mike Abbott asks Albert Cheng whether Disney will follow in CBS and HBO’s footsteps and start a streaming-only service. Neil Young weighs in on the unbundling of big channels versus that of channels with more targeted audiences.

Who is Funding the Future of Entertainment?

The panelists share their thoughts on where entertainment funding will be coming from in the future – including from consumers, creators, and venture capitalists – and discuss the different impulses animating the Hollywood and Silicon Valley ecosystems.

The New Entertainment Categories: Virtual Reality, Interactivity, and Beyond

Albert Cheng and Neil Young discuss some future opportunities in the virtual reality space. Neil flags the challenges of creating a realistic augmented reality world and also highlights the opportunities that exist in live events.

Millennials’ Content Consumption – to Second Screen or Not?

What will content consumption look like in the future? And how will Millenials’ approach to this change everyone’s viewing habits? The panelists share their thoughts on second screens, the nature of entertainment, what will change – and what will stay the same.