Mental resilience, health and productivity

We’re living through a stress and burnout epidemic. The pandemic brought unspeakable loss and tragedy, and as we navigate the transition to a post-pandemic life, it will be the small steps, more than the aspirational vows and pledges, that ultimately help us unlock our potential.

As the shift to remote work accelerated this last year, the blurry line between personal and work life accelerated right along with it, resulting in a new level of always-on stress. Burnout is officially a workplace crisis — employee well-being is a predictor of organizational performance, and employers bear responsibility in addressing the well-being and performance of employees with solutions.

Thrive Global has developed a methodology using science and years of testing and iterating to crack the code on behavioral change, moving people from awareness to action. Today, their team is helping the world’s leading companies, and their people, build healthy habits through inspirational storytelling and science-backed Microsteps to help navigate their new normal with less stress and greater resilience. Just a year into the platform launch, they’ve impacted millions of lives and helped employees at more than 100 companies in over 40 countries adopt Microsteps — the building blocks of new habits.

We’re proud to lead Thrive Global’s Series C and partner with Arianna Huffington and the team on their mission to end the stress and burnout epidemic and unlock human potential.

ー Mamoon