Together: The generative AI cloud

We are excited to announce our Series A investment and partnership with Together AI. Generative models have opened our eyes to a new form of computing that is already reshaping society. However, building state-of-the-art models remains a game of kings. Accumulating the talent, compute resources, and data is a difficult and expensive undertaking. While this works to the benefit of well-capitalized first movers like OpenAI, it creates significant barriers to entry for others who aspire to build and contribute. More recently, a thriving open-source ecosystem has emerged, headlined by Meta’s Llama effort. As open-source models improve, they pose an increasingly viable alternative to proprietary models. This has motivated a vibrant community of developers to build with these models. While they offer many benefits, open source models leave developers to deal with the underlying infrastructure. This is where Together AI comes in.

Together AI is a cloud platform that enables any developer to build on open and custom AI models. The platform is driven by a deep commitment to research. Together AI released the 30 trillion token RedPajama-V2, the largest open dataset available. It has been downloaded 1.2M times in the past month. Together’s Chief Scientist, Tri Dao, is known for his work on FlashAttention v2, which is in use by OpenAI, Anthropic, Meta, & Mistral. Techniques like Medusa and Flash-Decoding enable Together’s Inference API to be the fastest on the market. Together AI is also pushing the frontiers of sub-quadratic models that promise a more compute efficient approach for longer-context AI models. Along with cutting-edge research, they operate infrastructure which is growing to 20 exaflops.

Together AI is now the AI cloud of choice for a growing number of leading AI engineering teams, who rely on them to deliver the high performing and reliable infrastructure to serve models to their own customers. We believe that Together AI’s opportunity is to become the leading platform provider for enterprises building Generative AI systems, and are thrilled to partner with Vipul, Ce, Chris, Percy, and team, and lead their Series A. If interested in learning more about roles at Together, they are hiring.

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