Welcome Bison Trails

Blockchain is modernizing aging infrastructure that underpins massive industries – spanning from supply chain tracking and data storage to cross border payments. While that wave of innovation is still in the early innings, the technology infrastructure behind blockchain is already becoming tough to scale. As crypto gets more complicated and more widespread, there are few developers with both the technical chops and blockchain expertise to execute on today’s day one needs and beyond.

Bison Trails realized early that node infrastructure would become a bottleneck to blockchain adoption, which is why they created a decentralized, user-friendly solution that developers and customers alike love. Founders, Joe & Aaron have thoughtfully assembled a technical team with a passion for democratizing access to technology that can scale with the success of any chain.

We're excited to welcome Bison Trails to the Kleiner Perkins family and be part of their Series A.

- Monica Desai Weiss