The future of productivity with Coda

From the earliest of times, humans have been writing down their thoughts and sharing them with others. Advancements in writing systems throughout modern history started with hieroglyphs; then much later came pen and paper, the printing press, typewriters, and for the past 40 years word processors like Word. The last decade has been a boon to collaboration with the advent of Google Docs.

It turns out, however, that thoughts are more than just words. They are pictures, numbers and anything else that allows us to translate what’s on our minds onto a written medium. Sharing our thoughts has taken on another meaning during this pandemic ー we are communicating our thinking with people we don’t physically see anymore. Powerful written communication tools (and skills) become even more important to how productive we are.

It comes as no surprise then that Shishir Mehrotra, who spent years at Microsoft working on Office, and Alex Deneui, who built Docverse (and made Microsoft Office work like Google Docs over a decade ago), are now the co-founders bringing a new era of docs to the world.

Coda brings together the most-used aspects of docs, spreadsheets, presentations and databases onto one canvas. It’s a powerful productivity platform that enables all kinds of processes and workflows that is allowing taste-making, product-centric companies like Spotify, Uber, Figma and Intercom to share their thoughts and creativity across their companies and beyond. Demand for the product has never been higher and it’s clear that there is true value in Coda’s vision for the world — that if given the right set of building blocks, anyone can make a doc as powerful as an app. We’re excited to be part of Coda’s pursuit of productivity and lead their Series C.

- Mamoon