Welcome STORD

Modern consumer expectations for same day delivery are changing how products move around the world. From ocean freight to air freight, to trucking and warehousing, each piece of this global supply chain is continuously growing and being reinvented. Today's nearly $150 billion U.S. warehousing market is also showing no sign of a slow down as merchants turn to third-party logistics (3PLs) providers in the hope they can flexibly scale up their infrastructure to get the right products into the hands of consumers, wherever they are, on time.

The warehousing industry is an essential part of delivering product and optimizing business operations - including routing, logistics, and inventory - but most third-party logistics providers still run on legacy software management systems that are primarily offline, desktop-only software that is too locally focused. This makes it difficult for retailers and shippers alike to achieve real-time visibility, digitize their operations, and leverage data insights to fully optimize their supply chains.

Enter STORD -- Sean, Jacob and their growing team in Atlanta, GA have built a modern full-stack software and services solution that allows 3PLs and retailers to manage their warehouse footprint and inventory on a single platform. Retailers from a range of industries - from a global solar energy supplier to a mobile communications provider and a home goods retailer - have leveraged STORD's solution for an array of reasons, from entering into new distribution territories to expand their market footprint, to digitizing traditionally analog operations.

We're thrilled to partner with Sean, Jacob, and the rest of the STORD team as they continue to make it easier for enterprises to put products in front of their customers, while fundamentally reshaping how goods move across the globe.