Welcoming Leigh Marie Braswell

We’re excited to share that Leigh Marie Braswell is joining Kleiner Perkins as a Partner.

Our mission is to be the first call for founders who want to make history, and to partner with them as company builders in pursuit of that goal. In conversations with countless founders, we asked who they considered to be their first call. Leigh Marie’s name was a remarkably consistent response. As our team spent time getting to know her, it became clear why.

Leigh Marie discovered her love of problem solving and competition through math olympiads, and was recognized as one of the top 10 competitive female mathematicians in the United States in high school. She began her career as a software engineer at Scale, where she joined as one of the first ten employees and went on to become their first product manager. This experience, along with time angel investing and working in trading at Jane Street and ML at Google, gives her a unique perspective on the once-in-a-generation platform shift we are witnessing with AI.

In her first few years in venture, Leigh Marie has led investments in an impressive group of companies including Chronosphere, Persona, and Neon. She has also partnered with various early-stage AI companies including Exafunction, Arena AI, and Grit. Founders know her for her intellect, technical depth, sharp wit, and unbelievable hustle.

Leigh Marie will be at the forefront of our pursuit to partner with most exceptional founders and companies in AI. She will also continue to build upon her strong track record of partnering with the next generation of infrastructure founders.

We’re thrilled to welcome Leigh Marie to the team and call her our partner.