Why the Apple Announcement Was The Biggest of the Past 6 Years

On September 9th, 2014, KPCB partners got together to discuss the major implications of the Apple Announcement for the technology industry. The iPhone 6, Apple Watch, and Apple Pay will collectively change the human experience forever. In an exclusive podcast discussion, KPCB Investment partners Mike Abbott, Matt Murphy, and Anjney Midha weighed in on the software opportunities for developers and applications for consumers. Our very own design guru and KPCB partner John Maeda appeared on Bloomberg TV and discussed why Apple is the best at making us feel something about technology. (See links below)

Early Thoughts on Apple Announcement

Mike Abbott, Matt Murphy, and Anjney Midha discuss the iPhone6, Apple Watch, and Apple Pay in a postmortem reaction to the Apple Keynote by examining the broader implications for existing companies and how the digital health, mobile payment, and wearable ecosystems will be impacted. They all agree that developers have an opportunity to alter the human experience forever.

John Maeda, a design partner at KPCB, offered his perspective on the design of the Apple Watch and new iPhones with Emily Chang on “Bloomberg West.” The media segments are linked below.

1. Are Jony Ive’s Fingerprints All Over the Apple Watch?

2. Apple Needs to Rethink Their Software

3. Apple iPhone 6: Is Thin More Important Than a Big Screen?