Rippling: The system of record for employee data

Rippling was created with a simple foundational insight — The unified system of record for employee data is the life blood of business software and services. Until Rippling, there were many silos for employee data inside of any given company, but those lacked connective tissue and led to extreme inefficiencies.

Parker Conrad has been passionate about fixing the wasted organizational energy spent managing information about employees in dozens of different places. His vision for a single system for employee information that spans across every department within a company is memorialized in a memo that he wrote when he raised Rippling’s Series A from Kleiner Perkins in 2018. It was obvious that Rippling was an ambitious undertaking with massive potential. But it wasn’t the vision that would be tested in the years to come, it would be the team’s ability to execute on it. And they have done just that.

Winning at being the system of record for employee data.

Employee data is critical to a surprisingly large number of business systems, including the ones well outside of HR. All of Rippling’s 15 applications are held to the performance standards that each individual business function expects. These applications are built to be nothing less than ‘best of breed, and there are seven new apps currently in development. Moreover, they all sit on top of the “employee graph” and enjoy a shared data model and platform, which allows for interoperability, rapid development, and easy adoption.

Rippling goes well beyond HR and IT, and it will continue to. Customers love that they have a single place to make changes, which then propagate everywhere automatically. Rippling has truly become the unified system of record for employee data, and it’s growing at a phenomenal pace - last year alone growing ARR by 3x.

We’re proud to have led Rippling’s Series A, and participated in every funding round since. We believe that Rippling is a generational company, and the team is executing together better than we could have imagined. Today, we’re thrilled to double down on their journey and co-lead Rippling’s Series D.

ー Mamoon, ilya & Josh