Ev Randle


Ev re-joined Kleiner Perkins as a Partner in 2022 where he focuses on inflection-stage investments in technology businesses. Prior to joining Kleiner Perkins, Ev was at Founders Fund where he partnered with companies like Rippling, Wave, Stord, and Chronosphere. Previously he held investor roles at Bond Capital and Vista Equity Partners.


Originally from Colorado, Ev graduated first in his class from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree from the Leeds School of Business. Outside of work, Ev likes to ski, read great sci-fi, and hang with his Bernese Mountain Dog Daisy.

Investment focus areas

— Enterprise Software

— AI

— Financial Services

— Growth

Ev Randle
Companies Backed
  • What are you on the lookout for?

    I’m looking for companies that have the potential to become “perpetual growth machines” — companies that grow at exceptional rates, with strong underlying fundamentals, for decades. These teams/companies define their generation and shape & change the world in incredible ways. Perpetual growth machines exist across all sectors, from enterprise software to consumer internet to fintech. They’re extremely rare, but finding & partnering with them is the greatest joy of investing.

  • What drew you to become an investor?

    When I was 9, my family went on a vacation to Fort Lauderdale. When we got to our hotel room, the TV set was on and tuned to the Bloomberg channel. I was confused by the scrolling numbers at the bottom of the screen and asked my dad what they were. That was the first time that a “stock ticker” — and the concept of a stock more broadly — was explained to me. The idea that you could become a part owner in a business by buying its stock and then benefit if the company did well was a revelation to me. I was immediately hooked.


    When we got home to Colorado my dad was kind enough to buy a few shares of Hershey Co for me as my first investment (turns out 9-year-olds think candy companies are phenomenal businesses, who would’ve guessed?). The next day I begged my mom to buy as many Hershey’s chocolate bars as we could fit in our grocery cart, hoping my (small) contribution to sales could help the company & its stock. I was so excited that my parents didn’t have the heart to tell me that a $20 of chocolate bars wasn’t going to change the fate of a company doing billions of dollars in revenue.


    While my early attempts at being a value-add investor didn’t do much to move the needle for Hershey’s, the passion & excitement I felt for the process of investing never left me. From that moment on I was fixated on finding & investing in incredible companies that I was passionate about, and being an investor was the only career path I had any interest in. I still have to pinch myself sometimes when I remember that I’m basically doing the grown-up version of my first investment in Hershey’s every day

  • Where does your passion for helping founders scale their businesses come from?

    The magic of a small, scrappy team finding product-market fit cannot be denied—it's a moment of singular significance. That said, I believe the art of going from that initial PMF moment to becoming an important publicly traded company is vastly underappreciated. It’s where the great teams separate themselves from the good and a company forges its long-term identity. There is no experience like witnessing a team go through this gauntlet and come out the other side victorious. Getting to be involved in that journey & improve the odds of a founder/team reaching the mountaintop is the most fulfilling part of the job & an honor I’ll never take lightly.